Portable energy storage power supply

Portable power bank, also called “energy storage power supply, “external battery”, “backup battery”, “digital charging partner”, the concept of energy storage is developed with the popularity and rapid growth of digital products, and its definition is convenience Portable and large-capacity portable power supply. The functions of digital products are becoming more diversified and used more frequently. The problem of how to increase the use time of digital products and maximize their functions has become more important. Mobile power is the most important solution to this problem. Best solution. With a power supply, you can provide electrical energy (power supply or charging) for a variety of digital products anytime and anywhere in the mobile state.

The capacity of the mobile energy storage power supply varies from 20000 to 200000mAH, generally more than 18000mAH can power the notebook computer, generally called the universal mobile energy storage power supply. Those with a capacity of less than 10,000, generally smaller in size, are called portable mobile power sources, which are mainly used to charge digital products

portable solar power station
portable solar power station


The mobility of the portable energy storage power supply means that the product can perform its function in a mobile state (for example, traveling, meeting, when the charger is not around or charging is inconvenient), that is, anywhere (anywhere), anytime (anytime). The limited power supply or charging of digital products gives people a sense of practicality and improves the quality of life and work. Especially it is very convenient to charge the mobile phone.

The versatility of portable energy storage power supply means that the product can be suitable for the widest range of digital products. That is, the mobile power supply can serve a variety of digital products such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDA, game consoles (PSP, etc.), Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, repeaters, digital camcorders, portable DVDs, laptop computers, etc. In fact, not only that, the energy storage power supply can be used on any portable device (usb lamp, usb eye massager, usb electric coffee maker, etc.) that conforms to USB On-the-Go (USB-OTG) through a usb cable. As the most convenient power supply for mobile.


Our portable energy storage power supply is designed to be light, compact, and easy to carry, so as to facilitate mobile use. After the charger is fully charged to the mobile energy storage power supply (usually designed to be fully charged for 3-5 hours), connect your digital device with a suitable connector or directly use the USB cable to charge it, so that you have no worries on the road.

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